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thoughts on suicide [Oct. 27th, 2010|11:40 pm]
Keep on livin' and don't give up, because someday, it will get better, even if the sky is stormy and you see no hint of sunshine peeking through. There's no such thing as perfection, but how you perceive the world is how you will live your life. You will find solutions if you seek, running away is no real escape. Live and you will find your solution, die and forever you will be trapped in a grey twilight zone, never knowing what could have been if you just stuck it out five minutes longer to see the sun finally rise.
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how i'm feeling right now [Oct. 7th, 2010|10:39 pm]
Sometimes it's me against the world.
Lonely, cold, small, confused.
Sometimes, I just want you, baby.
Your swagger, your gentle smile
Then everything is alright, everything is okay for a while.
Then I realize you're not mine.
Just another dream that doesn't come true in my life.
Then nothing is alright anymore.

Then it's just me against the world.
With another invisible, but bitter smudge left behind by the trace of that dream.

Dreams are not meant to come true. Happiness isn't meant to last.
We are racing against the darkness, trying to reach our oasis before it consumes us.
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Why I Hate Twilight [May. 4th, 2009|01:44 am]

Hokay. So I'm working through New Moon right now. Got through half of it before I decided I don't want to read this... crap anymore. I've never been a fan of Twilight, but I thought after the tweens and their moms all obsess over Edward Cullen and Bella maybe I should give more a try. And boy, was my disappointment not alleviated. Why is this series so popular??? I'm sure there are tons of writers out there with better writing style, better plot lines, better dialogues and frankly BETTER CHARACTERS. The "Bella/ Edward" love made no sense since the beginning. Okay, there are quite a number of reasons, but I'm gonna name down the main reasons that I'm not bitten and struck by this story:

1) Bella is a sourpuss! She's a downer at every turn, with very little regard or respect for herself. It's downright painful to watch her dialogue with others at times. She just complains and FUCKING COMPLAINS, I'm surprised that anyone could stomach her or actually fall so desperately in love with her that they'd never look at another girl again. Bella puts herself in a lot of risks not because she's brave, but because she thought she's worthless and she's worth getting hurt over anyone else. How can someone else respect you when you deem yourself so worthless?!

2) She can't stand to be alone.  Because there are too much pain, she can't survive. And when another boy that loved her tried to approach her, she pushed away his love; then turned around and tried to lead him on when she thought he was gonna leave her because SHE CAN'T STAND TO BE ALONE. From what I gathered, she never learned to be alone or her own person throughout this whole series; in the end she just had Edward's baby and got turned into a vampire by him and stayed by his side forever? You learn to grow up when you learn to be alone. You learn how to have amazing relationships because you learn to be your own person. But no, Bella didn't have to! She had to stick to a man (or two) all the time for self-confidence and guess what, voila! She found her happily ever after!

Okay I guess my main problems were with the way the author portrayed the heroine of the story. With her being the centre of everything, it's very painful to read as she never seem to really grow up and give a feeling of power and sensibility to the readers reading about her. I could be wrong, I mean after all I haven't gone through the whole series. But after a book and a half I feel like I've had enough, the story is like that, composed of nonsensical love utterances and plotline worthy of a Hollywood script. I'm not taken by the story, I don't feel the chemistry between Edward and Bella at all, and to be honest I don't find a lot of humor in the story. When I was reading Harry Potter, I can often find pieces of humor and satire in it that make me LOL. I'm not saying a story has to make me LOL to be good, but it should be good that it offers witty thoughts and writings that reflect some part of the past or contemporary thoughts of our society today. You know, some substance behind the fantasy story line.

I won't deny the good things about the Twilight series, I can see why people would like it- I mean, after all the author is a woman with experiences of romance, she can manipulate people's emotions easily by keeping them entrapped in worlds of love and tender touches that, in her descriptions, send Bella's heart to a hot and cold frenzy that won't stop or keep her from breathing or something. I mean, it was great the first time; but after the 135th description of how Bella's heart can't stop beating irregularly when Edward touches her face I'm starting to get a little annoyed. And behind this twists of romance, as you call it, what's out there? What's the substance for the young girls (and boys?) reading it, besides dreaming of an Edward that's built upon a LIE? Which man in this world is like once they see this girl, no matter how plain or borderline ugly they are, one sniff of their perfume (or in this case blood) and the man is eternally lost?? That he'll never look at another woman again? Is there any man like this in this world out there? I believe in love, but I don't believe in this lie. Even if it's a fantasy, there should be some substance behind it. Some real thoughts that go into emotions that takes time to develop and take root. After all, what will the tweens think? They'll keep waiting for an Edward that doesn't exist in this world. 

Anyways, wow. That was a far longer Twilight rant that I have intended. If you've read through that, congrats lol! But I've wanted to get that off my chest for a while. When it comes down to it, I'm just not a fan of Twilight. I'd rather pick up a book of Anne Rice or J.K. Rowling any day. But despite everything, the one book and a half ride had been relatively fun. I'll probably forget by the next today. Guess I won't be dreaming of you tonight, Edward Cullen!


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BECAUSE I'M BORED [Jan. 4th, 2007|09:12 pm]
[Current Location |room]
[mood |boredbored]
[music |Twinkle- Alan Luo and Koda Kumi]


well, we're off to a good start..

Name: Tong

Birthday: December 21

Current Location: Halifax, Canada

Eye Color: Black at first glance, but when you look at it closely, it's like brown with a bluish outline. C'mon, take a closer look... you know you want to... -everyone backs away-

Hair Color: Black

Height: 5'3

Right handed or Left handed: Right

The shoes you wore today: Boots

Your weakness: Gaara from Naruto. I LOVE HIM I LOVE HIM I LOVE HIM. He needs to get off my mind. Like, seriously.

Your fears: Wake up one day and realize that I have nothing.

Your perfect pizza: No burnt vegetables, no suspicious looking meat, served by a suave Italian boy

Goals you would like to achieve this year: Get Cooter a girlfriend. and get Payca a date. =D

Your most overused phrase on MSN: -insert smiley face-

Thoughts when first Waking up: Please, five more minutes of sleep...

Your best physical feature: Eyes... I guess

Your bedtime: really late

Your most missed memory: I don't know. I'm sure I have a lot, but nothing to memory right now

Pepsi or coke: Pepsi. Yeah dawg.

MacDonalds or Burger King: Either.

Single or Group dates: Depends on the situation.

Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Nestea

Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate

Cappucino or Coffee: Cappuccino. Iced.

Do you smoke?: No

Do you swear?: ...XD sometimes

Do you sing?: When I'm listening to songs that make me happy ^_^

Do you shower daily?: No, I shower every month. That way people can be so attracted to my sexy scent. ^_^ LMAO

Have you been in love?: I guess.

Do you want to go to college?: Yeah

Do you want to get married: Eventually.

Do you believe in yourself?: Sometimes

Do you get motion sickness?: Sometimes

Do you think you're attractive?: Sometimes. Not really

Are you a health freak: -picks a peanut off the ground- what?

Do you get along with your parents: Yeah I guess.

Do you like Thunderstorms?: I love it and hate it at the same time. It's so deliciously frightening =D

Do you play an instrument?: I used to play the piano and flute

In the past month have you drank alcohol?: is that a trick question? XD

In the past month have you smoked?: No man

In the past month have you been on drugs?: I've been on sugar. and lack of sleep. They basically create the same result XD

In the past month have you gone on a date?: Well lots of dates, but no date date

In the past month have you gone to the mall?: Well yeah.

In the past month have you eaten a box of Oreos?: ... no, sadly

In the past month have you eaten sushi?: Yeah

In the past month have you been on stage: nope, not past month

In the past month have you gone skinny dipping: It's December. ARE YOU A CRAZY PERSON

In the past month have you stolen anything: No. I don't steal. I get my economics teacher to do it for me. XD -inside joke-

In the past month have you been dumped: No

Ever been drunk: Well, buzzed, not drunk

Ever been called a tease: Yeah XD

Ever been beaten up: Nope

Ever shoplifted: Nope

How do you want to die: When my life is complete

What do you want to be when you grow up: Working in International Trade

Which country would you most like to visit: China. Yeah i know i've lived there before. But there are just so many places I haven't even been to yet. ;____; and Rome.

In A Boy/ Girl:

Favorite eye color: I love any eye color. It really doesn't matter

Favorite hair color: Anything but rainbow

Short or long hair: Both. Long hair more, but depends on the guys.

Height: Well, taller than me. I hope.

Weight: Doesn't matter. As long as he's not a sumo wrestler

Best clothing style: Preppy, or in a suit.

Number of drugs I have taken: Umm... does the drugs of love count? XD

Number of CDs I own: Quite a few

Number of piercing: Two

Number of tattoos: none

Numbers of things in my past that I regret: Nothing. XD

That was so much fuuuuuunnn

Thank you, the people who make up these surveys. 


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(no subject) [Dec. 19th, 2006|08:30 pm]
[music |Wang Lee Hom]

Good punch line today: 

We were walking on the street. Suddenly, Rachel perked up at the sight of a man that walked by her. She called after the man, stopping him in his track.
Rachel: Hey... don't I know you from somewhere?
The Man: Umm... probably. I'm the news anchor man. Steve Murphy."
Me: "Really? Okay then... I'll see you tonight at six! -pistol finger, wink-"

Oh god. I had to write that one down. XDD

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(no subject) [Nov. 12th, 2006|04:41 pm]
New fav songs list. Yay >)

Angel of mine- Monica

Play no games - Lil Jon feat. Fat Joe and Trick Daddy

Put your Records on- Corinne Rae Bailey

Save Room- John Legend

Un-Break my Heart- Toni Braxton

I Call it Love- Lionel Richie

Not that Kinda Girl- JoJo

All My Life- K-Ci & JoJo

White & Nerdy- Weird Al Yankovic
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(no subject) [Oct. 29th, 2006|11:23 pm]

Check it out, ladies and fellas. It's a decent exposure and learning experience.
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(no subject) [Jun. 1st, 2006|07:19 pm]
[mood |nerdy]
[music |some song by Jay Chou]

I rise.
No, I'm not dead. -.----
mhmmmmm sunshine.
oh man. i feel so bad. -.- i still didn't finish the damn short stories i've been writing. i almost feel emo enough to write a story about it, but then realizing that was my trouble in the first place saddened me evenmore. i seem to have trouble with stories lately ;_; it's unhealthy like a giant bag of greasy hair oil. i need an antidote for this. or a punching glove. or a giant chocolate bar. if i feel down from this, at least i can get hyper from the sugar again. and dance. when there's nothing else, there's at least my dance and a star in the sky
^____^ I crack myself up. -sighs-
man. it's almost the exams again. the teachers somehow decided that we need more rock n' rolling with projects. Woo. i'm not alone in getting bombarded with projects lately, am I? that is not sexy. -dum dum dum dum-
I just realized how nerdy this entry is.
oh well.
that's the way i like it.
so how's your life going right now dia if you're reading this? ^___^ yea i'm sorry i haven't contacted you lately. it's been crazy. i <3 you tho. lmao XD and keith never comes here. damn him. >___>
i wish you all prosperity and sealed with a kiss.
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(no subject) [Apr. 26th, 2006|06:06 pm]
A little pick-me-up:

Name this compound:
answer: Banana.

-D.K. - Chemistry Jokes

now that's a knee-slapper
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(no subject) [Apr. 9th, 2006|08:13 pm]
[Current Location |cyber]
[music |the music of the kitchen]

went to see Lucky Number Slevin today -been waiting forever- if I was a creepy fangirl, I'd stalk after Josh Hartnett and take pictures of him when he sleeps... he's not handsome... but he's... just... so... sizzling! -dies-
oh yes. you know you like it when i rant on. :)
-dodges the tomato thrown-
okay okay i get the point -.-
yesss, easter next week... and report cards... damn. the guys in our class are so funny. they're always like "ZOMG I MUST GET MY REPORT CARD NOW CAN'T DELAY IT FOR ONE MORE SECOND OR MY BRAIN CELLS WILL FUCKING DIE" they threaten the teacher too
teacher: You'll get it at 11:55
students: NO! 11:50!!!!!!
teacher: 11:55, and that's final.
students: NO, YOU CAN'T DO THAT TO US!
teacher: it's only five minutes. I'm sure you're not going to die by then.
students: ...oh YEAH?


a part of them withered in the last five minutes.
-bows head in grief-

I can't believe how fast this year went by. It was just like... hell, it's going to be el Chupacabra's birthday soon XD yes, he's still resting in his dark little corner. ahh, good times. i shall never forget about that. -nods-
"Yo that azzface stood me up! i'm going to pop a cap in his Angle-Side-Side!"
"you know that only proves similarity, not congruency"
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