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(no subject) [Mar. 23rd, 2006|10:22 pm]
[mood |coldDrowsy]
[music |My name- BoA]

ooh, another update. haven't made one of these in a while have I v____V
I've decided to join Co-op. It was quite funny when the teacher shared his story with us. One student went to him once and said he wanted to be a sniper. Yeah... had to be there i guess. XD I want to go into acting. Yes. And I'd loooove to work alongside Brendan Sexton III (yesssssssssss) at first it scared me how much he looks like Blaze (and that doesn't appeal to me very much, sadly XD) but in the movies... he's just... so.... ahhh. His name just screams "sexUAL".
-takes a deep breath-
okay. i'm good.
i feel kind of drunk. don't know why. perhaps the fact i don't sleep a lot lately.
zack is one hell of a kinky kisser. (not with me, jeez >___>) yesterday we were all walking together when he and sam (another guy) decided to show me and kate how much they loved each other.(they both have girlfriends) untimely interruptions kept coming. then finally, they were able to get the peace they deserve, then they slammed their hands over each other's mouth and started to "snog". (O___O) then zack pulled away and shouted "Eww you just licked me!" "No that was my gum!" "Oh okay." I was trying not to choke on laughter. i don't know whether to feel aroused or distraught. O_____o
listening to BoA's "Moon and sunrise". it's so pretty, i just can't stop listening to it. wish I could sing to it too, except these damn lyrics that goes like "rumble rumble rumble" on my tongue. -grumbles-
uuuugh need sleep. signig offf
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(no subject) [Jan. 5th, 2006|03:50 pm]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[music |Roll on - Mis-Teeq]

This is what happens when you put a very bored mind and a computer together...

Rated R
Viewer discretion is advised

Name: Tong

Age: 16

Zodiac Sign: Serpent

Religion, if any: Spiritual

School/Work: High School student

Occupation: ...student

Shoe Size: 7

Best Physical Trait: ...my eyes? I don't know

Worst Physical Trait: do you really want to know, now? lol

Best Personality Trait: Bright

Worst Personality Trait: Scary. Some just call it random

Would you use plastic surgery to change yourself?: *looks at MJ* Hmm... let's see... *touches my nose* no I'm good

Color: Silver blue or lilac purple

Cartoon: Family Guy

TV Show: Friends. I like Friends

Food: Berry cheesecake

Candy: ...Gum!

Cookie: Chocolate chip, or ginger snap

Icecream: Strawberry or cherry

Time of Year: December... some of you might know why... hehe

Holiday: Christmas... duh....

Place to Eat: Dairy Queen

Place to Hang Out: There are so many good ones, I can't even begin to begin XD

Store to Shop: I guess Garage. It's alright.

Brand of Clothing: I'm not very big on brands

Accessory (i.e. earrings, belts, sunglasses, etc.): Belts. Glittering belts.

Flower: Those ones we had that looked like butterflies ^^ shh, no one needs to know I can't remember their names!

Song: Drop it like it's hot or Work it... I have a fetish for rap lately... it's rather... arousing...

Disney Character: Mulan. You don't see a crossdresser everyday, dammit! XD just kidding

Movie(s): The breakfast club or memoirs of a geisha

Starbucks drink: coffee

What position do you sleep in?: many positions. lmao.

How many pillows are on your bed?: one...

How long does it take you to fall asleep?: about thirty minutes... i think... i never keep track

Do you wake up multiple times throughout the night?: not really.

Do you talk/laugh/mumble in your sleep?: i don't know. you'll have to ask someone who's aware of the things i do in my sleep

Do you sleep with your eyes open?: *shudders* that's creepy. no.

Have you ever rolled off your bed while sleeping?: no i don't think

Have you ever slept-walked?: once... it was bomb

Do you drive?: not yeeet

If not, when do you plan to get your L's?: very, very soon

Do you have your own car? What kind?: i'm getting around to getting a car... sometimes...

What is your dream car?: a bus

How many accidents have you been in?: none i think

How many of those have you caused?: *stares*

How many tickets have you received?: *looks at you blankly* a million

What did you do for your 16th bday?: Bowling, getting drunk, you know the usual...

What's your favorite place to go clubbing/dancing?: umm...

Have you ever smoked?: no

Did you have a debut/cotillion?: *says in a british voice* no, sir

How many times have you bought lottery?: twice

What's your favorite strip club?: the club where i'd see Kyle Schmid stripping... he is one hot bitch... XD

Do you have to be physically attracted to someone to like them?: well, no. unless they're sumo wrestlers or smell like acid rain

What do you notice first about the opposite sex?: their face

What personality trait must they absolutely possess?: a sense of humor

What do you look for in a potential girlfriend/boyfriend?: someone who can make my day

What bothers you the most about the opposite sex?: when someone acts like a dickhead or mean. Mean people aren't sexy.

What makes you happy that you aren't the opposite sex?: I'm a girl. That's enough explanation within itself. LMAO

What is the best tangible gift you've ever received?: tangible, eh? i like that...

Do you watch what you eat?: yeah...

Do you exercise?: not really. i'm not so big on it anymore. shame i know v.v

Have you ever traveled outside the state where you live?: hell yeah

What's your biggest fear?: snakes or bees

What is the one thing you can't live without?: food

If you believed in reincarnation, what/who would you be?: *thinks about it* no

Pro-life or Pro-choice?: Pro-life??

Are you racist? Against who and why?: lmao, this question reminds me of this guy in our class who's like this really funny nerd "we're all being racist to water!"

Are you homophobic?: ha no. i want to take on those who are.

What celebrity couple do you love?: tom and katie. i love tom

What celebrity couple makes you want to hurl?: nick and jessica or britney and, uh, what's his name... mr. spears. i'm getting quite sick of nick and jessica. they should have a show called "newlydivorced"

What celebrity do you fantasize about?: Kyle Schmid. he's HAWT

If you could go back in time, what would you change?: i would take the fries, not the salad... man, what was i thinking, taking the salad... *shakes head* XD

What would you do if it was your last day on earth?: i would go to florida, get drunk, and get high. i'd dance with Mickey, too

The Future: is looking very... interesting

Do you plan to marry before a certain age?: not really. i don't like organizing when it comes to stuff like that

How many kids do you want?: 2. Based on examples around me, i'd say 2 is enough

What are their names going to be?: ...Bad, and Minton. Lmao don't ask where i got that from

Where will you live?: in a secluded area with rain forest and robots

Well there you go. ^^ I have no idea why this survey was rated R. Ooh, the word strip club must not grace our eyes.
-.- yeah right.
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(no subject) [Dec. 17th, 2005|12:17 am]
[mood |relaxedrelaxed]
[music |Ain't it funny - Jennifer Lopez]

Oh yay. It's the weekend again. The joy.
It was so funny. Yesterday, this guy in my class and I started talking about Manga and stuff. Today, he just came over to my desk, and plopped eight mangas down on my desk. I was like "Whoa.. holy fr..." he gave me four Confidential Confessions, and four... what's it called... Chobits? They're so cute they hurt my eyes X_X I finished the CCs tonight. It was so... absolutely... it made me cry. I cried when I read about the girl who started taking drugs. It was so fucking cruel, every story the author writes, yet so compassionate. Yeah that makes sense. Anyways, it's like the author had been in every kind of situation he or herself or something. Drugs are a SIN. I don't know why some find them so cool. Oh yeah, they'll definitely find it cool, when they end up dead, bleeding on the streets. No offense, drug users. The thing I noticed in there is tho how this book is about women rights and stuff, you realize how they're always kind of in the background? It's like, they're supposed to be the good little obedient wives and mothers, and keep their mouths shut.when the daughter was sexually harassed by the teacher and her parents went to see the school board, it was the girl's father who did all the talking, the mother just stood behind and covered her mouth the whole time. it makes me wonder, shouldn't the mothers have a say about what goes on with their children sometimes too? whenever a mother tells her child something, the father would say "No that's not right. Do it my way" and the mother would shut up. Pooey. That's harsh. -sad sigh-
haven't read a manga in a long time. The last one was Gravitation. I actually find Gravitation paling in comparison to CC. even tho CC isn't as funny and *cough* OVERDRAMATIC *cough* as Gravitation, i find myself moved by the characters. The character's dreams and actions touched me. hey, nothing is perfect, but as long as we've got the love, the cookies will all crumble ^^ yeah, a rather bad metaphor. Lmao. The last story got me all warm and fuzzy =) i get tingly at the thought of it... lol j/k
Yayy, playing badminton and going Christmas shopping tomorrow. I haven't touched the damn racket in half a year. I wonder if I still have those mad skills left in me. Oh well. I'm about to find out tomorrow.
"Not even Ennui can stand up to this power house"
Remember that? ^^
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(no subject) [Dec. 4th, 2005|10:38 pm]
[mood |annoyedannoyed]
[music |I just wanna live - Good Charlotte]

yay I got my own computer! *dances*
If there's one thing I hate, it's little kids. Really. It's hard to think that we were once them.
Tonight, there was a Christmas party of the Chinese Society. Our family went there, and met up with our family friends. My parents chatted with their parents, and naturally left me to entertain the brats. I sat there, smiling bitterly, as the kids poked my back, tapped my knee, and stuck their faces under my nose. One of them kept screaming at me "What's your name? What's your name?" no matter how many times I tried to tell him, and I had to resist the urge to tell him to go somewheres. That wouldn't seem so appropriate. GOD. Were we this bratty, when we were little? I certainly hope not *shudders*
And Santa was funny. His hat kept falling off, and his beard bounced as he talked. Oh and the food. FOOD. IT WAS AMAZING. It was funny, when we played Music in the Box. After we peeled off like twenty layer, there was a small teddy bear statue inside. When they tried to get the people to sing Christmas carols. THe only voice you could like hear was the person on stage. The audience was so shy it's not even funny. Or it's just maybe I come from a rowdy high school and am used to people screaming everywhere. Who knows.
I'm glad I was saved from the insanity of little kids. One of them had an obsession with my leg. How does MJ put up with it all? O_O
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10 Statements [Nov. 26th, 2005|01:41 pm]
[mood |blahblah]
[music |Can I have it like that - Pharrell feat. Gwen Stefani]

Saw this game: Direct 10 statements at 10 different people, without naming any of them. This could be bundles of fun. ^^
Can you guess which one is dedicated to you?

1. I don't want to bother with you anymore. You're pretty, you're corny, you're pissy, and you're empty. I had fun with you, but not so much anymore.

2. OMG you rock my socks! Who else in the world would know what...tubercoinstancat is made up of? XD joking on the tubercoinstancat part...you smart homie, you.

3. You're cool ^^ I love your drawings, dawg. I wish I can whip up a picture in a matter of minutes like you can. lmao

4. Whoa, you're quite a noisy person. I bet if there was an award for "The Noisiest Person On Earth Who Doesn't Know What It Means To Shut Up," it'll be engraved with your name in bold font on it. Lol

5. I'm not your best friend. You're convinced that I am, but I'm not. And you're too closed-off for your own good.

6. It's too late for regret now. No wonder you don't show your face amongst us anymore. I feel sorry for you.

7. I find you a mystery. Are you happy? Or are you troubled? Sometimes, I feel as if that happy, laughing, joking face you put up is just a mask.

8. I like you. I've always liked you, since Gr 5, when we met each other. You don't seem like the girl you were years ago anymore. Why do you always look so scared? And why do you seem to slowly shy away from the world? I wish I can help you. I really do.

9. Why? Do you need drugs to make yourself feel secure? What happened to the you that I once loved?

10. At first, you piss me off. Then, you beg me to take you back. What are you? Make up your goddamn mind in your pretty head. Do it before I someday decide altogether that I should push you away.
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HARRY BLADDER! [Nov. 19th, 2005|10:14 pm]
[mood |chipperchipper]
[music |Run Run Reindeer]

SAW THE HARRY POTTER MOVIE TODAY! Yay! It rocked my sawks!!
it was dandy ^^ the scary parts made me laugh inside. aww, Voldemort looks so sad. i bet if he got more loving in his life, his skin wouldn't be so green
And saw the Christmas parade right after the movie ^_____^ it was awesome. The only weird thing was that Santa wasn't there. "Hey, what happened to Santa?" "Santa? I think he got locked up in the fat man's balcony on the Greenwich tower" "NO! Santa! I have to go rescue him!" "No never mind. I think it was one of the Santa-claude that got locked" "Oh damn! You got me all worked up for nothing." XD lol that was SO retarded
'tis a good day. Yippie.
The movie was better than I expected. Cuz plainly, I didn't like the second and third one very much. They felt very fake to me. But this one... you should go check it out.
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my first entry [Nov. 10th, 2005|11:47 am]
[mood |distresseddistressed]
[music |Obscure by Dir en Grey (look at my entry above) DX]

GOD. Today we had our Remembrance Day assembly, and this 96-year-old man shared his war experiences with us. "Hell is a kiss from Canadian women." it was so gross, yet at the same time so fascinating. You know what the enemies did to stop the Candian tanks? They raped Canadian women, cut off their breasts, and piled them into a huge stock to block the tanks. Those sick f*** deserve much, much more than hell. Seriously. guh
*lost my appetite for lunch
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